Superannuation and Insurance Claims

Often workers purchase income protection and total and permanent disability insurance through their superannuation funds or other insurers. In most cases, you will be automatically provided with a basic level of cover by your superannuation fund and you may not even be aware you have it. The amount of cover provided can be significant.

Disputes often arise in relation to claims under such policies. There are a number of tribunals established to resolve such disputes. Claims can also be pursued in the common law courts for breach of contract.

The amounts in dispute under these policies can be substantial. The policy documents are usually technical and complex, making them difficult to understand. The review process itself is not straightforward and strict time limits usually apply. If you have had a claim refused by your insurer, or have any concerns that you have not received the full benefit of your policy, you should contact one of our solicitors to find out where you stand as soon as possible. 

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