Personal Injury - Medical and other professional negligence claims 

If you have suffered an injury as a result of the provision of negligent treatment by a medical practitioner, hospital or other health serivce provider you may be entitled to compensation.

Unfortunately medical treatment may not always go as planned or expected, but this does not always amount to negligence. If however a hospital or treatment provider has done something that they ought not to have done, failed to do something that they ought to have done or failed to obtain your informed consent prior to performing a procedure, they may be found to be negligent.

Determining whether or not the treatment amounts to negligence can often be a difficult task. We are able to assist you in identifying negligent treatment and can provide you with expert advice and guidance in pursuing a claim in this complicated area of law.

Although perhaps less common, complaints can also be made against other professionals (dentists, lawyers, veterinarians, etc) and tradespersons. It will almost always be necessary to obtain an opinion from other professionals or tradespersons in the same field of practice to ascertain whether there is scope for a claim for damages. If there is, we will help you pursue your lawful entitlements.

There are strict time limits for commencing a claim for personal injury. The proper investigation of a claim can often take considerable time itself. It is therefore important that you contact an expert in this area of law as soon as possible following any injury.

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