Defamation Claims

If a statement is made or written material is published about a person that damages that person's reputation, that person might be entitled to recover damages for the damage to their reputation and any economic or other loss that arises from that publication.

Generally, defamation proceedings must be commenced within one year of the defamatory publication. It can be difficult to obtain an extension of this time limit.

It is important to obtain expert legal advice on whether you have been defamed, as well as what defences might be raised against your claim. The defences that are available in defamation claims come from both the common law (cases decided by judges) which has developed over many years, as well as the Defamation Act 2005 (SA). Defamation claims are complicated and often vigorously defended. It can be extremely costly to commence a defamation claim that is ultimately unsuccessul. We can give you professional advice about your prospects of success at an early stage.

We act for both plaintiffs and defendants in defamation actions. If you want to claim compensation as a result of a defamatory statement about you, we can advise you on your prospects of success and assist you to obtain the best outcome. Alternatively, if someone is claiming that you have defamed them, we can assist you to defend their claim. IN either case, it is important that you contact us at an early stage.

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