Criminal and Traffic Offences

Whether you intend to plead guilty to an offence or you wish to defend a criminal charge, it is vital to obtain legal advice when you are faced with prosecution for an offence.

We can assist you in all types of road traffic prosecutions, including:

  • Drink/drug driving charges
  • Speeding offences
  • Driving without due care and/or in a manner dangerous
  • Other road traffic offences

We can also assist you if you are charged with a more serious criminal offence, including:

  • Assaults and property damage
  • Drug offences
  • Sexual offences

The effects of criminal charges can go far beyond any immediate penalty imposed. A criminal record can affect your ability to obtain work, to pursue particular professions and to travel outside of Australia. It is therefore important to give full consideration to any possible defence that might be available to you. On the other hand, the Courts allow significant discounts (up to 40%) to offenders who enter a plea at an early stage of their matter. If you have received a summons, you should contact us so that you can be properly advised about the benefits and risks of either defending a charge or entering an early plea. If you wish, we can represent you throughout the Court process so that you acheive the most favourable outcome possible. Sometimes, professional advice about the charges you face, the Court process and the possible outcomes is all that is required to give you peace of mind if you are thinking of representing yourself at Court.

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