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The coronavirus has created many uncertainties. One of area of uncertainty is in employment. That uncertainty might extend beyond simply wondering whether your job is secure or not. There might be a question as to whether you are a true casual employee or might be a permanent part-time employee - and therefore entitled to all of the leave entitlements that come with permanent employment. Your employer's right to lay you off, or stand you down or direct you to take leave might also be uncertain. Whilst the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) contains provisions which deal with an employer's right to stand down employees or to direct them to take leave, whether your employer can do that to you will depend on whether you have leave to cover your time away from work, whether you are covered by an Award or Enterprise Agreement and the terms of any individual contractual arrangements you have with your employer. What's more, the Fair Work Commission has started varying some Modern Awards in order to create additional flexibilities for employers during this time. If your employer does make your position redundant, it is important to ensure your statutory and contractual entitlements are paid to you at the correct rates of pay.

Of course, in tough times we also need to consider the value in pulling together and looking out for one another. Your employer might be trying to manage its staff to avoid making positions redundant. And if it makes your position redundant, it might not have the money to pay out your full entitlements at this time.

Bourne Lawyers can help you understand your legal rights and entitlements. We can also help you assess some of the practical consequences of any decision you might make. And we can help you make the best decision for your particular circumstances in these difficult times.

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BOURNE LAWYERS was established by Tim Bourne in July 2000. It is highly regarded and nationally recognised as South Australia's leading employee-focussed employment law firm.

Tim is joined in the firm by his son, Simon and they are both individually recognised as amongst the best lawyers in South Australia when it comes to representing employees and working people in all forms of employment, workplace and industrial disputes. 

Tim and Simon are dedicated to providing high quality, practical and cost effective advice to ordinary working people and their families. In addition to their nationally recognised expertise in employment law, Tim and Simon maintain broader practices, undertaking a large portion of Counsel work in addition to their solicitor's practices in ordet to ensure they can provide the best levels of advice and representation to their clients from the initial appointment right through to final judgment.

At Bourne Lawyers, you can be confident that your matter will be handled by someone who has the determination and expertise to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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We are nationally recognised for our expertise representing employees in all forms of employment disputes.
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