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Employment Law is Complicated.

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BOURNE LAWYERS  is dedicated to providing high quality, practical and cost effective advice to employees, workers and their families – advice that is simple to understand, so that you can make the best choices for you in your circumstances.  

Bourne Lawyers is highly regarded and nationally recognised as South Australia's leading employee-focussed employment law firm. It was established by Tim Bourne in July 2000 and Tim is joined by his son, Simon and a capable team of junior solicitors and support staff. Tim and Simon are both individually recognised as amongst the best lawyers in South Australia when it comes to representing employees and working people in all forms of employment, workplace and industrial disputes. They provide sensible, expert advice to their clients  - with a preference for achieving useful practical outcomes instead of legal ‘point scoring’ and expensive legal proceedings. Of course, if it is in your best interests to take your matter to Court, Tim and Simon will fight to obtain the best possible outcome for you. 

In some cases, it might be necessary to engage a Barrister for specialist advice or to present your case to the Court. However, Tim and Simon do a lot of their own court work, meaning a Barrister – and the costs that go with it – is not always necessary. This also helps to ensure that Tim and Simon can provide the best levels of personal advice and representation to their clients from the initial appointment right through to final judgment.

Whatever your particular situation, you can be confident that your matter will be handled by someone who has the skill to explain the law to you so that you can understand and remain in control of your case and the determination and expertise to achieve the best possible outcome for you. And getting our expert advice is simple - just contact us to discuss your matter with Tim or Simon so they can help you.

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We are nationally recognised for our expertise representing employees in all forms of employment disputes.
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